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macOS: Fix the initial window background not being black since macOS 10.14.2 or so, when OpenGL is used (bug #4810). Also fixes "CGContext: invalid context 0x0" errors when an OpenGL window is created (bug #4470).
     1 HIDAPI can be used under one of three licenses.
     3 1. The GNU General Public License, version 3.0, in LICENSE-gpl3.txt
     4 2. A BSD-Style License, in LICENSE-bsd.txt.
     5 3. The more liberal original HIDAPI license. LICENSE-orig.txt
     7 The license chosen is at the discretion of the user of HIDAPI. For example:
     8 1. An author of GPL software would likely use HIDAPI under the terms of the
     9 GPL.
    11 2. An author of commercial closed-source software would likely use HIDAPI
    12 under the terms of the BSD-style license or the original HIDAPI license.