author Sam Lantinga <>
Wed, 16 Oct 2019 08:45:54 -0700
changeset 13131 5f88f7095b8a
parent 12503 806492103856
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Fixed bug 4785 - SDL_CreateRGBSurface creates 1-bit surfaces with zero pitch


Seems to be a regression in this commit:
SDL_CalculatePitch() was using format->BytesPerPixel, now it uses SDL_BYTESPERPIXEL().

The underlying issue is that "surface->format->BytesPerPixel" is *not* always the same as SDL_BYTESPERPIXEL(format);
BytesPerPixel defined as format->BytesPerPixel = (bpp + 7) / 8;
#define SDL_BYTESPERPIXEL(format) ... (format & 0xff)

Because of SDL_pixels.h format definitions, one is giving a BytesPP 1, the other 0.
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