author Sam Lantinga
Thu, 01 Sep 2016 01:26:56 -0700
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wayland: Add support for relative mouse mode, by Jonas Ã…dahl <>

Generate the C protocol files from the protocol XML files installed by
wayland-protocols, and use them to implement support for relative pointer
motions and pointer locking.

Note that at the time, the protocol is unstable and may change in the future.
Any future breaking changes will, however, fail gracefully and result in no
regressions compared to before this patch.
     1 /*
     2   Simple DirectMedia Layer
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    20 */
    22 #include "../../SDL_internal.h"
    24 #ifndef _SDL_waylandevents_h
    25 #define _SDL_waylandevents_h
    27 #include "SDL_waylandvideo.h"
    28 #include "SDL_waylandwindow.h"
    30 extern void Wayland_PumpEvents(_THIS);
    32 extern void Wayland_display_add_input(SDL_VideoData *d, uint32_t id);
    33 extern void Wayland_display_destroy_input(SDL_VideoData *d);
    35 extern void Wayland_display_add_pointer_constraints(SDL_VideoData *d, uint32_t id);
    36 extern void Wayland_display_destroy_pointer_constraints(SDL_VideoData *d);
    38 extern int Wayland_input_lock_pointer(struct SDL_WaylandInput *input);
    39 extern int Wayland_input_unlock_pointer(struct SDL_WaylandInput *input);
    41 extern void Wayland_display_add_relative_pointer_manager(SDL_VideoData *d, uint32_t id);
    42 extern void Wayland_display_destroy_relative_pointer_manager(SDL_VideoData *d);
    44 #endif /* _SDL_waylandevents_h */
    46 /* vi: set ts=4 sw=4 expandtab: */