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Initial shot at a renderer target for Apple's Metal API.

This isn't complete, but is enough to run testsprite2. It's currently
Mac-only; with a little work to figure out how to properly glue in a Metal
layer to a UIView, this will likely work on iOS, too.

This is only wired up to the configure script right now, and disabled by
default. CMake and Xcode still need their bits filled in as appropriate.
     1 /*
     2   Simple DirectMedia Layer
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    20 */
    21 #include "../SDL_internal.h"
    23 /* Math routines from uClibc: */
    25 double SDL_uclibc_atan(double x);
    26 double SDL_uclibc_atan2(double y, double x);    
    27 double SDL_uclibc_copysign(double x, double y);       
    28 double SDL_uclibc_cos(double x);         
    29 double SDL_uclibc_fabs(double x);        
    30 double SDL_uclibc_floor(double x);
    31 double SDL_uclibc_fmod(double x, double y);
    32 double SDL_uclibc_log(double x);
    33 double SDL_uclibc_pow(double x, double y);    
    34 double SDL_uclibc_scalbn(double x, int n);
    35 double SDL_uclibc_sin(double x);
    36 double SDL_uclibc_sqrt(double x);
    37 double SDL_uclibc_tan(double x);
    39 /* vi: set ts=4 sw=4 expandtab: */