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Merged Alex Szpakowski's iOS-improvement branch to default.

Fixes Bugzilla #2798.
Fixes Bugzilla #2212.
Fixes Bugzilla #2826.
Fixes Bugzilla #2661.
Fixes Bugzilla #1885.
Fixes Bugzilla #1578.
Fixes Bugzilla #2751.


Notable changes, from Alex's notes:

- The SDL_WINDOW_ALLOW_HIGHDPI flag is now needed (along with SDL_GL_GetDrawableSize or SDL_GetRendererOutputSize) to use Retina / high DPI resolutions, bringing SDL’s Retina-related behavior on iOS in line with Mac OS X. Window dimensions and display modes are now in the “points” (non-high DPI) coordinate system rather than pixels, whereas SDL_GL_GetDrawableSize is in pixels.

- Reworked the custom extended launch screen code:
- It now hides after the first SDL_PumpEvents call rather than SDL_CreateWindow, and it fades out in a similar manner to the system launch screen behavior.
- It now mirrors the system launch screen behavior when deciding which image to display: it falls back to using the Launch Images dictionary in Info.plist if the iOS 8+ launch screen nib isn’t available, and if the Launch Images dictionary doesn’t exist it uses the old standard launch image names.
- The extended launch screen can now be disabled via the SDL_IPHONE_LAUNCHSCREEN define in SDL_config_iphoneos.h.


- Added access to a window view's renderbuffer and framebuffer to syswm.

- Added OpenGL ES debug labels for the Renderbuffer and Framebuffer Objects created with SDL_GL_CreateContext.

- Added support for sRGB OpenGL ES contexts on iOS 7+.

- Updated OpenGL ES contexts to support native-resolution rendering (when SDL_WINDOW_ALLOW_HIGHDPI is enabled) on the iPhone 6 Plus, i.e. 1080x1920 rather than 1242x2208.

- Updated SDL_GL_CreateContext, SDL_GL_SwapWindow, SDL_GL_MakeCurrent, and SDL_GL_DeleteContext to be more robust.

- Updated SDL windows to display a UIView at all times, even when an OpenGL context is not active. This allows rotation, touch events, and other windowing-related events to work properly without an active OpenGL context. It also makes it easier to use SDL_GetWindowWMInfo after creating a SDL window.

- Updated the iOS-specific Objective-C code to use cleaner and more modern language features and APIs, including ARC instead of manual reference counting.

- Updated SDL_HINT_ORIENTATIONS to allow disabling custom orientations if the hint is set with no valid orientation names.

- Fixed several rotation and orientation bugs with windows and display modes, especially in iOS 8+.

- Fixed SDL_SetWindowFullscreen failing to update the status bar visibility on iOS 7+.

- Fixed the orientation of the offset applied to the window’s view when the onscreen keyboard is shown in iOS 8+.

- Fixed SDL_IsScreenKeyboardShown (patch by Phil Hassey.)

- Fixed several major memory leaks caused by missing autorelease pool blocks in the iOS-specific Objective-C code.

- Removed several dead code paths.

- The iOS 7 SDK (Xcode 5) or newer is now required to build SDL for iOS.
     1 /*
     2   Simple DirectMedia Layer
     3   Copyright (C) 1997-2014 Sam Lantinga <>
     5   This software is provided 'as-is', without any express or implied
     6   warranty.  In no event will the authors be held liable for any damages
     7   arising from the use of this software.
     9   Permission is granted to anyone to use this software for any purpose,
    10   including commercial applications, and to alter it and redistribute it
    11   freely, subject to the following restrictions:
    13   1. The origin of this software must not be misrepresented; you must not
    14      claim that you wrote the original software. If you use this software
    15      in a product, an acknowledgment in the product documentation would be
    16      appreciated but is not required.
    17   2. Altered source versions must be plainly marked as such, and must not be
    18      misrepresented as being the original software.
    19   3. This notice may not be removed or altered from any source distribution.
    20 */
    21 #include "../SDL_internal.h"
    23 #include "SDL_video.h"
    25 /* This is the software implementation of the YUV texture support */
    27 struct SDL_SW_YUVTexture
    28 {
    29     Uint32 format;
    30     Uint32 target_format;
    31     int w, h;
    32     Uint8 *pixels;
    33     int *colortab;
    34     Uint32 *rgb_2_pix;
    35     void (*Display1X) (int *colortab, Uint32 * rgb_2_pix,
    36                        unsigned char *lum, unsigned char *cr,
    37                        unsigned char *cb, unsigned char *out,
    38                        int rows, int cols, int mod);
    39     void (*Display2X) (int *colortab, Uint32 * rgb_2_pix,
    40                        unsigned char *lum, unsigned char *cr,
    41                        unsigned char *cb, unsigned char *out,
    42                        int rows, int cols, int mod);
    44     /* These are just so we don't have to allocate them separately */
    45     Uint16 pitches[3];
    46     Uint8 *planes[3];
    48     /* This is a temporary surface in case we have to stretch copy */
    49     SDL_Surface *stretch;
    50     SDL_Surface *display;
    51 };
    53 typedef struct SDL_SW_YUVTexture SDL_SW_YUVTexture;
    55 SDL_SW_YUVTexture *SDL_SW_CreateYUVTexture(Uint32 format, int w, int h);
    56 int SDL_SW_QueryYUVTexturePixels(SDL_SW_YUVTexture * swdata, void **pixels,
    57                                  int *pitch);
    58 int SDL_SW_UpdateYUVTexture(SDL_SW_YUVTexture * swdata, const SDL_Rect * rect,
    59                             const void *pixels, int pitch);
    60 int SDL_SW_UpdateYUVTexturePlanar(SDL_SW_YUVTexture * swdata, const SDL_Rect * rect,
    61                                   const Uint8 *Yplane, int Ypitch,
    62                                   const Uint8 *Uplane, int Upitch,
    63                                   const Uint8 *Vplane, int Vpitch);
    64 int SDL_SW_LockYUVTexture(SDL_SW_YUVTexture * swdata, const SDL_Rect * rect,
    65                           void **pixels, int *pitch);
    66 void SDL_SW_UnlockYUVTexture(SDL_SW_YUVTexture * swdata);
    67 int SDL_SW_CopyYUVToRGB(SDL_SW_YUVTexture * swdata, const SDL_Rect * srcrect,
    68                         Uint32 target_format, int w, int h, void *pixels,
    69                         int pitch);
    70 void SDL_SW_DestroyYUVTexture(SDL_SW_YUVTexture * swdata);
    72 /* vi: set ts=4 sw=4 expandtab: */