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Merged Alex Szpakowski's iOS-improvement branch to default.

Fixes Bugzilla #2798.
Fixes Bugzilla #2212.
Fixes Bugzilla #2826.
Fixes Bugzilla #2661.
Fixes Bugzilla #1885.
Fixes Bugzilla #1578.
Fixes Bugzilla #2751.


Notable changes, from Alex's notes:

- The SDL_WINDOW_ALLOW_HIGHDPI flag is now needed (along with SDL_GL_GetDrawableSize or SDL_GetRendererOutputSize) to use Retina / high DPI resolutions, bringing SDL’s Retina-related behavior on iOS in line with Mac OS X. Window dimensions and display modes are now in the “points” (non-high DPI) coordinate system rather than pixels, whereas SDL_GL_GetDrawableSize is in pixels.

- Reworked the custom extended launch screen code:
- It now hides after the first SDL_PumpEvents call rather than SDL_CreateWindow, and it fades out in a similar manner to the system launch screen behavior.
- It now mirrors the system launch screen behavior when deciding which image to display: it falls back to using the Launch Images dictionary in Info.plist if the iOS 8+ launch screen nib isn’t available, and if the Launch Images dictionary doesn’t exist it uses the old standard launch image names.
- The extended launch screen can now be disabled via the SDL_IPHONE_LAUNCHSCREEN define in SDL_config_iphoneos.h.


- Added access to a window view's renderbuffer and framebuffer to syswm.

- Added OpenGL ES debug labels for the Renderbuffer and Framebuffer Objects created with SDL_GL_CreateContext.

- Added support for sRGB OpenGL ES contexts on iOS 7+.

- Updated OpenGL ES contexts to support native-resolution rendering (when SDL_WINDOW_ALLOW_HIGHDPI is enabled) on the iPhone 6 Plus, i.e. 1080x1920 rather than 1242x2208.

- Updated SDL_GL_CreateContext, SDL_GL_SwapWindow, SDL_GL_MakeCurrent, and SDL_GL_DeleteContext to be more robust.

- Updated SDL windows to display a UIView at all times, even when an OpenGL context is not active. This allows rotation, touch events, and other windowing-related events to work properly without an active OpenGL context. It also makes it easier to use SDL_GetWindowWMInfo after creating a SDL window.

- Updated the iOS-specific Objective-C code to use cleaner and more modern language features and APIs, including ARC instead of manual reference counting.

- Updated SDL_HINT_ORIENTATIONS to allow disabling custom orientations if the hint is set with no valid orientation names.

- Fixed several rotation and orientation bugs with windows and display modes, especially in iOS 8+.

- Fixed SDL_SetWindowFullscreen failing to update the status bar visibility on iOS 7+.

- Fixed the orientation of the offset applied to the window’s view when the onscreen keyboard is shown in iOS 8+.

- Fixed SDL_IsScreenKeyboardShown (patch by Phil Hassey.)

- Fixed several major memory leaks caused by missing autorelease pool blocks in the iOS-specific Objective-C code.

- Removed several dead code paths.

- The iOS 7 SDK (Xcode 5) or newer is now required to build SDL for iOS.
     1 /* @(#)s_fabs.c 5.1 93/09/24 */
     2 /*
     3  * ====================================================
     4  * Copyright (C) 1993 by Sun Microsystems, Inc. All rights reserved.
     5  *
     6  * Developed at SunPro, a Sun Microsystems, Inc. business.
     7  * Permission to use, copy, modify, and distribute this
     8  * software is freely granted, provided that this notice
     9  * is preserved.
    10  * ====================================================
    11  */
    13 #if defined(LIBM_SCCS) && !defined(lint)
    14 static const char rcsid[] =
    15     "$NetBSD: s_fabs.c,v 1.7 1995/05/10 20:47:13 jtc Exp $";
    16 #endif
    18 /*
    19  * fabs(x) returns the absolute value of x.
    20  */
    22 #include "math_libm.h"
    23 #include "math_private.h"
    25 libm_hidden_proto(fabs)
    26 #ifdef __STDC__
    27      double fabs(double x)
    28 #else
    29      double fabs(x)
    30      double x;
    31 #endif
    32 {
    33     u_int32_t high;
    34     GET_HIGH_WORD(high, x);
    35     SET_HIGH_WORD(x, high & 0x7fffffff);
    36     return x;
    37 }
    39 libm_hidden_def(fabs)