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Updated WhatsNew.txt for 2.0.6
     2 This is a list of major changes in SDL's version history.
     4 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
     5 2.0.6:
     6 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
     8 General:
     9 * Added cross-platform Vulkan graphics support in SDL_vulkan.h
    10 	SDL_Vulkan_LoadLibrary()
    11 	SDL_Vulkan_GetVkGetInstanceProcAddr()
    12 	SDL_Vulkan_GetInstanceExtensions()
    13 	SDL_Vulkan_CreateSurface()
    14 	SDL_Vulkan_GetDrawableSize()
    15 	SDL_Vulkan_UnloadLibrary()
    16   This is all the platform-specific code you need to bring up Vulkan on all SDL platforms. You can look at an example in test/testvulkan.c
    17 * Added SDL_ComposeCustomBlendMode() to create custom blend modes for 2D rendering
    18 * Added SDL_HasNEON() which returns whether the CPU has NEON instruction support
    19 * Added support for inverted axes and separate axis directions in game controller mappings
    20 * Added functions to return information about a joystick before it's opened:
    21 	SDL_JoystickGetDeviceVendor()
    22 	SDL_JoystickGetDeviceProduct()
    23 	SDL_JoystickGetDeviceProductVersion()
    24 	SDL_JoystickGetDeviceType()
    25 	SDL_JoystickGetDeviceInstanceID()
    26 * Added functions to return information about an open joystick:
    27 	SDL_JoystickGetVendor()
    28 	SDL_JoystickGetProduct()
    29 	SDL_JoystickGetProductVersion()
    30 	SDL_JoystickGetType()
    31 	SDL_JoystickGetAxisInitialState()
    32 * Added functions to return information about an open game controller:
    33 	SDL_GameControllerGetVendor()
    34 	SDL_GameControllerGetProduct()
    35 	SDL_GameControllerGetProductVersion()
    36 * Added SDL_GameControllerNumMappings() and SDL_GameControllerMappingForIndex() to be able to enumerate the built-in game controller mappings
    37 * Added SDL_LoadFile() and SDL_LoadFile_RW() to load a file into memory
    38 * Added SDL_DuplicateSurface() to make a copy of a surface
    39 * Implemented non-power-of-two audio resampling, optionally using libsamplerate to perform the resampling
    40 * Added the hint SDL_HINT_AUDIO_RESAMPLING_MODE to control the quality of resampling
    41 * Added the hint SDL_HINT_RENDER_LOGICAL_SIZE_MODE to control the scaling policy for SDL_RenderSetLogicalSize():
    42 	"0" or "letterbox" - Uses letterbox/sidebars to fit the entire rendering on screen (the default)
    43 	"1" or "overscan"  - Will zoom the rendering so it fills the entire screen, allowing edges to be drawn offscreen
    44 * Added the hints SDL_HINT_MOUSE_NORMAL_SPEED_SCALE and SDL_HINT_MOUSE_RELATIVE_SPEED_SCALE to scale the mouse speed when being read from raw mouse input
    45 * Added the hint SDL_HINT_TOUCH_MOUSE_EVENTS to control whether SDL will synthesize mouse events from touch events
    47 Windows:
    48 * Added hints SDL_HINT_WINDOWS_INTRESOURCE_ICON and SDL_HINT_WINDOWS_INTRESOURCE_ICON_SMALL to specify a custom icon resource ID for SDL windows
    49 * The hint SDL_HINT_WINDOWS_DISABLE_THREAD_NAMING is now on by default for compatbility with .NET languages and various Windows debuggers
    50 * Updated the GUID format for game controller mappings, older mappings will be cautomatically converted on load
    52 Linux:
    53 * Added an experimental KMS/DRM video driver for embedded development
    56 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
    57 2.0.5:
    58 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
    60 General:
    61 * Implemented audio capture support for some platforms
    62 * Added SDL_DequeueAudio() to retrieve audio when buffer queuing is turned on for audio capture
    63 * Added events for dragging and dropping text
    64 * Added events for dragging and dropping multiple items
    65 * By default the click raising a window will not be delivered to the SDL application. You can set the hint SDL_HINT_MOUSE_FOCUS_CLICKTHROUGH to "1" to allow that click through to the window.
    66 * Saving a surface with an alpha channel as a BMP will use a newer BMP format that supports alpha information. You can set the hint SDL_HINT_BMP_SAVE_LEGACY_FORMAT to "1" to use the old format.
    67 * Added SDL_GetHintBoolean() to get the boolean value of a hint
    68 * Added SDL_RenderSetIntegerScale() to set whether to smoothly scale or use integral multiples of the viewport size when scaling the rendering output
    69 * Added SDL_CreateRGBSurfaceWithFormat() and SDL_CreateRGBSurfaceWithFormatFrom() to create an SDL surface with a specific pixel format
    70 * Added SDL_GetDisplayUsableBounds() which returns the area usable for windows. For example, on Mac OS X, this subtracts the area occupied by the menu bar and dock.
    71 * Added SDL_GetWindowBordersSize() which returns the size of the window's borders around the client area
    72 * Added a window event SDL_WINDOWEVENT_HIT_TEST when a window had a hit test that wasn't SDL_HITTEST_NORMAL (e.g. in the title bar or window frame)
    73 * Added SDL_SetWindowResizable() to change whether a window is resizable
    74 * Added SDL_SetWindowOpacity() and SDL_GetWindowOpacity() to affect the window transparency
    75 * Added SDL_SetWindowModalFor() to set a window as modal for another window
    76 * Added support for AUDIO_U16LSB and AUDIO_U16MSB to SDL_MixAudioFormat()
    77 * Fixed flipped images when reading back from target textures when using the OpenGL renderer
    78 * Fixed texture color modulation with SDL_BLENDMODE_NONE when using the OpenGL renderer
    79 * Fixed bug where the alpha value of colorkeys was ignored when blitting in some cases
    81 Windows:
    82 * Added a hint SDL_HINT_WINDOWS_DISABLE_THREAD_NAMING to prevent SDL from raising a debugger exception to name threads. This exception can cause problems with .NET applications when running under a debugger.
    83 * The hint SDL_HINT_THREAD_STACK_SIZE is now supported on Windows
    84 * Fixed XBox controller triggers automatically being pulled at startup
    85 * The first icon from the executable is used as the default window icon at runtime
    86 * Fixed SDL log messages being printed twice if SDL was built with C library support
    87 * Reset dead keys when the SDL window loses focus, so dead keys pressed in SDL applications don't affect text input into other applications.
    89 Mac OS X:
    90 * Fixed selecting the dummy video driver
    91 * The caps lock key now generates a pressed event when pressed and a released event when released, instead of a press/release event pair when pressed.
    92 * Fixed mouse wheel events on Mac OS X 10.12
    93 * The audio driver has been updated to use AVFoundation for better compatibility with newer versions of Mac OS X
    95 Linux:
    96 * Added support for the Fcitx IME
    97 * Added a window event SDL_WINDOWEVENT_TAKE_FOCUS when a window manager asks the SDL window whether it wants to take focus.
    98 * Refresh rates are now rounded instead of truncated, e.g. 59.94 Hz is rounded up to 60 Hz instead of 59.
    99 * Added initial support for touchscreens on Raspberry Pi
   101 OpenBSD:
   102 * SDL_GetBasePath() is now implemented on OpenBSD
   104 iOS:
   105 * Added support for dynamically loaded objects on iOS 8 and newer
   107 tvOS:
   108 * Added support for Apple TV
   109 * Added a hint SDL_HINT_APPLE_TV_REMOTE_ALLOW_ROTATION to control whether he Apple TV remote's joystick axes will automatically match the rotation of the remote.  
   111 Android:
   112 * Fixed SDL not resizing window when Android screen resolution changes
   113 * Corrected the joystick Z axis reporting for the accelerometer
   115 Emscripten (running in a web browser):
   116 * Many bug fixes and improvements
   119 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
   120 2.0.4:
   121 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
   123 General:
   124 * Added support for web applications using Emscripten, see docs/README-emscripten.md for more information
   125 * Added support for web applications using Native Client (NaCl), see docs/README-nacl.md for more information
   126 * Added an API to queue audio instead of using the audio callback:
   127     SDL_QueueAudio(), SDL_GetQueuedAudioSize(), SDL_ClearQueuedAudio()
   128 * Added events for audio device hot plug support:
   130 * Added SDL_PointInRect()
   131 * Added SDL_HasAVX2() to detect CPUs with AVX2 support
   132 * Added SDL_SetWindowHitTest() to let apps treat parts of their SDL window like traditional window decorations (drag areas, resize areas)
   133 * Added SDL_GetGrabbedWindow() to get the window that currently has input grab, if any
   134 * Added SDL_RenderIsClipEnabled() to tell whether clipping is currently enabled in a renderer
   135 * Added SDL_CaptureMouse() to capture the mouse to get events while the mouse is not in your window
   136 * Added SDL_WarpMouseGlobal() to warp the mouse cursor in global screen space
   137 * Added SDL_GetGlobalMouseState() to get the current mouse state outside of an SDL window
   138 * Added a direction field to mouse wheel events to tell whether they are flipped (natural) or not
   139 * Added GL_CONTEXT_RELEASE_BEHAVIOR GL attribute (maps to [WGL|GLX]_ARB_context_flush_control extension)
   140 * Added EGL_KHR_create_context support to allow OpenGL ES version selection on some platforms
   141 * Added NV12 and NV21 YUV texture support for OpenGL and OpenGL ES 2.0 renderers
   142 * Added a Vivante video driver that is used on various SoC platforms
   143 * Added an event SDL_RENDER_DEVICE_RESET that is sent from the D3D renderers when the D3D device is lost, and from Android's event loop when the GLES context had to be recreated
   144 * Added a hint SDL_HINT_NO_SIGNAL_HANDLERS to disable SDL's built in signal handling
   145 * Added a hint SDL_HINT_THREAD_STACK_SIZE to set the stack size of SDL's threads
   146 * Added SDL_sqrtf(), SDL_tan(), and SDL_tanf() to the stdlib routines
   147 * Improved support for WAV and BMP files with unusual chunks in them
   148 * Renamed SDL_assert_data to SDL_AssertData and SDL_assert_state to SDL_AssertState
   149 * Added a hint SDL_HINT_WINDOW_FRAME_USABLE_WHILE_CURSOR_HIDDEN to prevent window interaction while cursor is hidden
   150 * Added SDL_GetDisplayDPI() to get the DPI information for a display
   151 * Added SDL_JoystickCurrentPowerLevel() to get the battery level of a joystick
   152 * Added SDL_JoystickFromInstanceID(), as a helper function, to get the SDL_Joystick* that an event is referring to.
   153 * Added SDL_GameControllerFromInstanceID(), as a helper function, to get the SDL_GameController* that an event is referring to.
   155 Windows:
   156 * Added support for Windows Phone 8.1 and Windows 10/UWP (Universal Windows Platform)
   157 * Timer resolution is now 1 ms by default, adjustable with the SDL_HINT_TIMER_RESOLUTION hint
   158 * SDLmain no longer depends on the C runtime, so you can use the same .lib in both Debug and Release builds
   159 * Added SDL_SetWindowsMessageHook() to set a function to be called for every windows message before TranslateMessage()
   160 * Added a hint SDL_HINT_WINDOWS_ENABLE_MESSAGELOOP to control whether SDL_PumpEvents() processes the Windows message loop
   161 * You can distinguish between real mouse and touch events by looking for SDL_TOUCH_MOUSEID in the mouse event "which" field
   162 * SDL_SysWMinfo now contains the window HDC
   163 * Added support for Unicode command line options
   164 * Prevent beeping when Alt-key combos are pressed
   165 * SDL_SetTextInputRect() re-positions the OS-rendered IME
   166 * Added a hint SDL_HINT_WINDOWS_NO_CLOSE_ON_ALT_F4 to prevent generating SDL_WINDOWEVENT_CLOSE events when Alt-F4 is pressed
   167 * Added a hint SDL_HINT_XINPUT_USE_OLD_JOYSTICK_MAPPING to use the old axis and button mapping for XInput devices (deprecated)
   169 Mac OS X:
   170 * Implemented drag-and-drop support
   171 * Improved joystick hot-plug detection
   172 * The SDL_WINDOWEVENT_EXPOSED window event is triggered in the appropriate situations
   173 * Fixed relative mouse mode when the application loses/regains focus
   174 * Fixed bugs related to transitioning to and from Spaces-aware fullscreen-desktop mode
   175 * Fixed the refresh rate of display modes
   176 * SDL_SysWMInfo is now ARC-compatible
   177 * Added a hint SDL_HINT_MAC_BACKGROUND_APP to prevent forcing the application to become a foreground process
   179 Linux:
   180 * Enabled building with Mir and Wayland support by default.
   181 * Added IBus IME support
   182 * Added a hint SDL_HINT_IME_INTERNAL_EDITING to control whether IBus should handle text editing internally instead of sending SDL_TEXTEDITING events
   183 * Added a hint SDL_HINT_VIDEO_X11_NET_WM_PING to allow disabling _NET_WM_PING protocol handling in SDL_CreateWindow()
   184 * Added support for multiple audio devices when using Pulseaudio
   185 * Fixed duplicate mouse events when using relative mouse motion
   187 iOS:
   188 * Added support for iOS 8
   189 * The SDL_WINDOW_ALLOW_HIGHDPI window flag now enables high-dpi support, and SDL_GL_GetDrawableSize() or SDL_GetRendererOutputSize() gets the window resolution in pixels
   190 * SDL_GetWindowSize() and display mode sizes are in the "DPI-independent points" / "screen coordinates" coordinate space rather than pixels (matches OS X behavior)
   191 * Added native resolution support for the iPhone 6 Plus
   192 * Added support for MFi game controllers
   193 * Added support for the hint SDL_HINT_ACCELEROMETER_AS_JOYSTICK
   194 * Added sRGB OpenGL ES context support on iOS 7+
   195 * Added support for SDL_DisableScreenSaver(), SDL_EnableScreenSaver() and the hint SDL_HINT_VIDEO_ALLOW_SCREENSAVER
   196 * SDL_SysWMinfo now contains the OpenGL ES framebuffer and color renderbuffer objects used by the window's active GLES view
   197 * Fixed various rotation and orientation issues
   198 * Fixed memory leaks
   200 Android:
   201 * Added a hint SDL_HINT_ANDROID_SEPARATE_MOUSE_AND_TOUCH to prevent mouse events from being registered as touch events
   203 * Added support for SDL_DisableScreenSaver(), SDL_EnableScreenSaver() and the hint SDL_HINT_VIDEO_ALLOW_SCREENSAVER
   204 * Added support for SDL_ShowMessageBox() and SDL_ShowSimpleMessageBox()
   206 Raspberry Pi:
   207 * Added support for the Raspberry Pi 2
   210 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
   211 2.0.3:
   212 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
   214 Mac OS X:
   215 * Fixed creating an OpenGL context by default on Mac OS X 10.6
   218 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
   219 2.0.2:
   220 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
   221 General:
   222 * Added SDL_GL_ResetAttributes() to reset OpenGL attributes to default values
   223 * Added an API to load a database of game controller mappings from a file:
   224     SDL_GameControllerAddMappingsFromFile(), SDL_GameControllerAddMappingsFromRW()
   225 * Added game controller mappings for the PS4 and OUYA controllers
   226 * Added SDL_GetDefaultAssertionHandler() and SDL_GetAssertionHandler()
   227 * Added SDL_DetachThread()
   228 * Added SDL_HasAVX() to determine if the CPU has AVX features
   229 * Added SDL_vsscanf(), SDL_acos(), and SDL_asin() to the stdlib routines
   230 * EGL can now create/manage OpenGL and OpenGL ES 1.x/2.x contexts, and share
   232 * Added a field "clicks" to the mouse button event which records whether the event is a single click, double click, etc.
   233 * The screensaver is now disabled by default, and there is a hint SDL_HINT_VIDEO_ALLOW_SCREENSAVER that can change that behavior.
   234 * Added a hint SDL_HINT_MOUSE_RELATIVE_MODE_WARP to specify whether mouse relative mode should be emulated using mouse warping.
   235 * testgl2 does not need to link with libGL anymore
   236 * Added testgles2 test program to demonstrate working with OpenGL ES 2.0
   237 * Added controllermap test program to visually map a game controller
   239 Windows:
   240 * Support for OpenGL ES 2.x contexts using either WGL or EGL (natively via
   241   the driver or emulated through ANGLE)
   242 * Added a hint SDL_HINT_VIDEO_WIN_D3DCOMPILER to specify which D3D shader compiler to use for OpenGL ES 2 support through ANGLE
   243 * Added a hint SDL_HINT_VIDEO_WINDOW_SHARE_PIXEL_FORMAT that is useful when creating multiple windows that should share the same OpenGL context.
   244 * Added an event SDL_RENDER_TARGETS_RESET that is sent when D3D9 render targets are reset after the device has been restored.
   246 Mac OS X:
   247 * Added a hint SDL_HINT_MAC_CTRL_CLICK_EMULATE_RIGHT_CLICK to control whether Ctrl+click should be treated as a right click on Mac OS X. This is off by default.
   249 Linux:
   250 * Fixed fullscreen and focused behavior when receiving NotifyGrab events
   251 * Added experimental Wayland and Mir support, disabled by default
   253 Android:
   254 * Joystick support (minimum SDK version required to build SDL is now 12, 
   255   the required runtime version remains at 10, but on such devices joystick 
   256   support won't be available).
   257 * Hotplugging support for joysticks
   258 * Added a hint SDL_HINT_ACCELEROMETER_AS_JOYSTICK to control whether the accelerometer should be listed as a 3 axis joystick, which it will by default.
   261 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
   262 2.0.1:
   263 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
   265 General:
   266 * Added an API to get common filesystem paths in SDL_filesystem.h:
   267     SDL_GetBasePath(), SDL_GetPrefPath()
   268 * Added an API to do optimized YV12 and IYUV texture updates:
   269     SDL_UpdateYUVTexture()
   270 * Added an API to get the amount of RAM on the system:
   271     SDL_GetSystemRAM()
   272 * Added a macro to perform timestamp comparisons with SDL_GetTicks():
   273     SDL_TICKS_PASSED()
   274 * Dramatically improved OpenGL ES 2.0 rendering performance
   275 * Added OpenGL attribute SDL_GL_FRAMEBUFFER_SRGB_CAPABLE
   277 Windows:
   278 * Created a static library configuration for the Visual Studio 2010 project
   279 * Added a hint to create the Direct3D device with support for multi-threading:
   281 * Added a function to get the D3D9 adapter index for a display:
   282     SDL_Direct3D9GetAdapterIndex()
   283 * Added a function to get the D3D9 device for a D3D9 renderer:
   284     SDL_RenderGetD3D9Device()
   285 * Fixed building SDL with the mingw32 toolchain (mingw-w64 is preferred)
   286 * Fixed crash when using two XInput controllers at the same time
   287 * Fixed detecting a mixture of XInput and DirectInput controllers
   288 * Fixed clearing a D3D render target larger than the window
   289 * Improved support for format specifiers in SDL_snprintf()
   291 Mac OS X:
   292 * Added support for retina displays:
   293   Create your window with the SDL_WINDOW_ALLOW_HIGHDPI flag, and then use SDL_GL_GetDrawableSize() to find the actual drawable size. You are responsible for scaling mouse and drawing coordinates appropriately.
   294 * Fixed mouse warping in fullscreen mode
   295 * Right mouse click is emulated by holding the Ctrl key while left clicking
   297 Linux:
   298 * Fixed float audio support with the PulseAudio driver
   299 * Fixed missing line endpoints in the OpenGL renderer on some drivers
   300 * X11 symbols are no longer defined to avoid collisions when linking statically
   302 iOS:
   303 * Fixed status bar visibility on iOS 7
   304 * Flipped the accelerometer Y axis to match expected values
   306 Android:
   307 IMPORTANT: You MUST get the updated SDLActivity.java to match C code
   308 * Moved EGL initialization to native code 
   309 * Fixed the accelerometer axis rotation relative to the device rotation
   310 * Fixed race conditions when handling the EGL context on pause/resume
   311 * Touch devices are available for enumeration immediately after init
   313 Raspberry Pi:
   314 * Added support for the Raspberry Pi, see README-raspberrypi.txt for details