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Updated Xcode project from Eric Wing
     1 The Simple DirectMedia Layer (SDL for short) is a cross-platform 
     2 library designed to make it easy to write multi-media software, 
     3 such as games and emulators.
     5 The Simple DirectMedia Layer library source code is available from: 
     6 http://www.libsdl.org/
     8 This library is distributed under the terms of the GNU LGPL license: 
     9 http://www.gnu.org/copyleft/lesser.html
    12 This packages contains the SDL.framework for OS X. 
    13 Conforming with Apple guidelines, this framework 
    14 contains both the SDL runtime component and development header files.
    17 To Install:
    18 Copy the SDL.framework to /Library/Frameworks
    20 You may alternatively install it in <Your home directory>/Library/Frameworks 
    21 if your access privileges are not high enough. 
    22 (Be aware that the Xcode templates we provide in the SDL Developer Extras 
    23 package may require some adjustment for your system if you do this.)
    26 Known Issues:
    27 ???
    30 Additional References:
    32  - Screencast tutorials for getting started with OpenSceneGraph/Mac OS X are 
    33  	available at:
    34 	http://www.openscenegraph.org/projects/osg/wiki/Support/Tutorials/MacOSXTips
    35 	Though these are OpenSceneGraph centric, the same exact concepts apply to 
    36 	SDL, thus the videos are recommended for everybody getting started with
    37 	developing on Mac OS X. (You can skim over the PlugIns stuff since SDL
    38 	doesn't have any PlugIns to worry about.)
    42 (Partial) History of PB/Xcode projects:
    43 2009-09-21 - Added 64-bit for Snow Leopard. 10.4 is the new minimum requirement.
    44 	Removed 'no X11' targets as 
    45 	new codebase will assume you have them. Also removed specific #defines
    46 	for X11, but needed to add search path to /usr/X11R6/include
    48 2007-12-31 - Enabled strip -x in the Xcode settings and removed it 
    49 	from the Build DMG script.
    50 	Added a per-arch setting for the Deployment targets for OTHER_LDFLAGS_ppc
    51 	to re-enable prebinding.
    52 	Need to remember to copy these changes to the SDL satellite projects.
    54 2007-12-30 - Updated documentation to reflect new installation paths for
    55 	Xcode project templates under Leopard (Xcode 2.5/3.0).
    57 ????-??-?? - Added extra targets for building formal releases against the
    58 	10.2 SDK so we don't have to keep modifying the settings.
    60 ????-??-?? - Added fancy DMG (background logo) support with automation.
    62 2006-05-09 - Added shell script phase to deal with new SDL_config.h 
    63 	behavior. Encountered what seems to be an Xcode bug with 
    64 	multiple files of the same name, even when conditional compiling
    65 	is controlled by custom #defines (SDL_sysloadso.c). Multiple or
    66 	undefined symbols are the result of this.
    67 	Recommended that macosx/SDL_sysloadso.c be modified to directly 
    68 	include the dlopen version of the file via #ifdef's so only
    69 	one version needs to exist. Filed a formal bug report with Apple 
    70 	about this (4542369).
    72 2006-03-22 - gcc 4 visibility features have been added to the code base so I 
    73 	enabled the switch in Xcode to take advantage of it. Be aware that only
    74 	our x86 builds will be exposed to this feature as we still build ppc 
    75 	with gcc 3.3.
    77 	Christian Walther has sent me some great feedback on things that are 
    78 	broken, so I have made some of these fixes. Among the issues are
    79 	compatibility and current library versions are not set to 1 (breaks
    80 	backwards compatibility), documentation errors, resource copying 
    81 	location problems for the SDLTest apps, missing HAVE_OPENGL and
    82 	OpenGL.framework linking in testgl.
    83 	(Eric Wing)
    85 2006-03-17 - Because the X11 headers are not installed by default with Xcode,
    86 	we decided to offer two variants of the same targets (one with X11 stuff
    87 	and one without). By default, since the X11 stuff does not necessarily 
    88 	conflict with the native stuff, we build the libraries with the X11 stuff 
    89 	so advanced developers can access it by default. However, in the case
    90 	that a developer did not install X11 (or just doesn't want the extra bloat),
    91 	the user may directly select those targets and build those instead.
    93 	Once again, we are attempting to remove the exported symbols file. If 
    94 	I recall correctly, the clashing symbol problems we got were related
    95 	to the CD-ROM code which was formerly in C++. Now that the C++ code
    96 	has been purged, we are speculating that we might be able to remove
    97 	the exports file safely. The long term solution is to utilize gcc 4's
    98 	visibility features.
   100 	For the developer extras package, I changed the package format 
   101 	from a .pkg based installer to a .dmg to avoid requiring 
   102 	administrator/root to access contents, for better 
   103 	transparency, and to allow users to more easily control which components 
   104 	they actually want to install.
   105 	I also made changes and updates to the PB/Xcode project templates (see Developer ReadMe).
   106 	(Eric Wing)
   108 2006-03-07 - The entire code base has been reorganized and platform specific 
   109 	defines have been pushed into header files (SDL_config_*.h). This means 
   110 	that defines that previously had to be defined in the Xcode projects can 
   111 	be removed (which I have started doing). Furthermore, it appears that the 
   112 	MMX/SSE code has been rewritten and refactored so it now compiles without 
   113 	nasm and without making us do strange things to support OS X. However, this 
   114 	Xcode project still employs architecture specific build options in order to 
   115 	achieve the mandated 10.2 compatibility. As a result of the code base changes, 
   116 	there are new public headers. But also as a result of these changes, there are 
   117 	also new headers that qualify as "PrivateHeaders". Private Headers are headers 
   118 	that must be exported because a public header includes them, but users shouldn't 
   119 	directly invoke these. SDL_config_macosx.h and SDL_config_dreamcast.h are 
   120 	examples of this. We have considered marking these headers as Private, but it 
   121 	requires that the public headers invoke them via framework conventions, i.e.
   122 	#include <FrameworkName/Header.h>
   123 	e.g.
   124 	#include <SDL/SDL_config_macosx.h>
   125 	and not
   126 	#include "SDL_config_macosx.h"
   127 	However this imposes the restriction that non-framework distributions must
   128 	 place their headers in a directory called SDL/ (and not SDL11/ like FreeBSD). 
   129 	 Currently, I do not believe this would pose a problem for any of the current 
   130 	 distributions (Fink, DarwinPorts). Or alternatively, users could be 
   131 	 expected/forced to also include the header path: 
   132 	 -I/Library/Frameworks/SDL.framework/PrivateHeaders, 
   133 	 but most people would probably not read the documentation on this. 
   134 	 But currently, we have decided to be conservative and have opted not to 
   135 	 use the PrivateHeaders feature.
   136 	(Eric Wing)
   138 2006-01-31 - Updates to build Universal Binaries while retaining 10.2 compatibility. 
   139 	We were unable to get MMX/SSE support enabled. It is believed that a rewrite of 
   140 	the assembly code will be necessary to make it position independent and not 
   141 	require nasm. Altivec has finally been enabled for PPC. (Eric Wing)
   143 2005-09-?? - Had to add back the exports file because it was causing build problems
   144 	for some cases. (Eric Wing)
   146 2005-08-21 - First entry in history. Updated for SDL 1.2.9 and Xcode 2.1. Getting 
   147 	ready for Universal Binaries. Removed the .pkg system for .dmg for due to problems 
   148 	with broken packages in the past several SDL point releases. Removed usage of SDL 
   149 	exports file because it has become another point of failure. Introduced new documentation 
   150 	about SDLMain and how to compile in an devel-lite section of the SDL.dmg. (Eric Wing)
   152 Before history:
   153 SDL 1.2.6? to 1.2.8
   154 Started updating Project Builder projects to Xcode for Panther and Tiger. Also removed 
   155 the system that split the single framework into separate runtime and headers frameworks. 
   156 This is against Apple conventions and causes problems on multiuser systems. 
   157 We now distribute a single framework.
   158 The .pkg system has repeatedly been broken with every new release of OS X. 
   159 With 1.2.8, started migrating stuff to .dmg based system to simplify distribution process. 
   160 Tried updating the exports file and Perl script generation system for changing syntax. (Eric Wing)
   162 Pre-SDL 1.2.6 
   163 Created Project Builder projects for SDL and .pkg based distribution system. (Darrell Walisser)