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Mon, 12 Dec 2005 09:22:36 +0000
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Date: Sun, 11 Dec 2005 20:37:04 +0100
From: Olivier Boudeville <olivier.boudeville@online.fr>
To: "A list for developers using the SDL library. \(includes SDL-announce\)" <sdl@libsdl.org>
Subject: [SDL] NetBSD build patch

Hi everybody,

apparently the SDL-1.2.9 source archive could not compile "as is" on
NetBSD 2.0_STABLE due to a pthread detection issue in the configure script.

I attached a small patch that can be applied to configure.in so that SDL
can be directly (i.e. without the NetBSD package manager) configured and
built successfully on NetBSD (at least on the one I tried !).

Hope this helps,

     1 aclocal.m4
     2 autom4te*
     3 config.cache
     4 config.log
     5 config.status
     6 configure
     7 depcomp
     8 install-sh
     9 libtool
    10 Makefile
    11 Makefile.in
    12 missing
    13 mkinstalldirs
    14 sdl-config
    15 SDL.spec
    16 SDL.qpg
    17 .DS_Store