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Fri, 07 Mar 2008 23:57:15 +0000
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In testdyngl.c the event type was being anded (&) with SDL_KEYDOWN and if the result was none zero the program was quiting. This is very weird because it was
working earlier this week.

I added some more trace code to SDL_x11events.c

In SDL_X11opengl.c I modified SDL_GL_GetSwapInterval() so that it returns a pretty good value even if you have the SGI swap extension instead of the MESA swap
extension. I just saved the value you set and return it too you.
     2 Wish list for the 1.3 development branch:
     5  * Add a way to register custom events
     6  * Add internal support for adding video modes and refresh rates
     7  * Support querying and setting refresh rate with video modes
     8  * Add mousewheel events (new unified event architecture?)
     9  * DirectInput joystick support needs to be implemented
    10  * Be able to enumerate and select available audio and video drivers
    11  * Fullscreen video mode support for Mac OS X
    12  * Explicit vertical retrace wait (maybe separate from SDL_Flip?)
    13  * Shaped windows, windows without borders
    14  * Multiple windows, multiple display support
    15  * SDL_INIT_EVENTTHREAD on Windows and MacOS?
    16  * Add a timestamp to events
    17  * Add audio input API
    18  * Add hardware accelerated scaled blit
    19  * Add hardware accelerated alpha blits
    20  * Redesign blitting architecture to allow blit plugins
    22 In the jump from 1.2 to 1.3, we should change the SDL_Rect members to
    23 int and evaluate all the rest of the datatypes.  This is the only place
    24 we should do it though, since the 1.2 series should not break binary
    25 compatibility in this way.
    27 Requests:
    28  * PCM and CDROM volume control (deprecated, but possible)