author Ryan C. Gordon <>
Mon, 29 Oct 2018 20:00:03 -0400
changeset 12369 68c87b40b434
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winmain: Don't use SDL_malloc (or SDL_stack_alloc, which might be malloc).

Otherwise, we are using the allocator before the app can set up its own hooks.

Now we use VirtualAlloc, and WideCharToMultiByte (because SDL_iconv uses
SDL_malloc, too!) to get ready to call into SDL_main.

This also makes console_wmain() call into the same routines as everything
else, so we don't have to deal with those allocations, too. Hopefully we
end up with the same results from GetCommandLine() as we do in wargv.

Fixes Bugzilla #4340.
     1 PSP
     2 ======
     3 SDL port for the Sony PSP contributed by 
     4    Captian Lex 
     6 Credit to
     7    Marcus R.Brown,Jim Paris,Matthew H for the original SDL 1.2 for PSP
     8    Geecko for his PSP GU lib "Glib2d"
    10 Building
    11 --------
    12 To build for the PSP, make sure psp-config is in the path and run:
    13    make -f Makefile.psp
    17 To Do
    18 ------
    19 PSP Screen Keyboard