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Removed the inline functions from SDL_stdinc.h
Having the SDL functions inline is causing build issues, and in the case of malloc(), etc. causing malloc/free mismatches, if the application build environment differs from the SDL build environment.

In the interest of safety and consistency, the functions will always be in the SDL library and will only be redirected to the C library there, if they are available.

See the following threads on the SDL mailing list for the gruesome details:
* SDL_stdinc.h inlines problematic when application not compiled in exact same feature environment
* Error compiling program against SDL2 with -std=c++11 g++ flag
     1 /*
     2   Simple DirectMedia Layer
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    20 */
    22 /* Math routines from uClibc: */
    24 double SDL_uclibc_atan(double x);
    25 double SDL_uclibc_atan2(double y, double x);    
    26 double SDL_uclibc_copysign(double x, double y);       
    27 double SDL_uclibc_cos(double x);         
    28 double SDL_uclibc_fabs(double x);        
    29 double SDL_uclibc_floor(double x);
    30 double SDL_uclibc_log(double x);
    31 double SDL_uclibc_pow(double x, double y);    
    32 double SDL_uclibc_scalbn(double x, int n);
    33 double SDL_uclibc_sin(double x);
    34 double SDL_uclibc_sqrt(double x);
    36 /* vi: set ts=4 sw=4 expandtab: */