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Added copyright information on test/sample.wav; the mystery is solved! :)
     2 These are test programs for the SDL library:
     4 	checkkeys	Watch the key events to check the keyboard
     5 	loopwave	Audio test -- loop playing a WAV file
     6 	loopwavequeue	Audio test -- loop playing a WAV file with SDL_QueueAudio
     7 	testaudioinfo	Lists audio device capabilities
     8 	testcdrom	Sample audio CD control program
     9 	testerror	Tests multi-threaded error handling
    10 	testfile	Tests RWops layer
    11 	testgl2		A very simple example of using OpenGL with SDL
    12 	testhread	Hacked up test of multi-threading
    13 	testiconv	Tests international string conversion
    14 	testjoystick	List joysticks and watch joystick events
    15 	testkeys	List the available keyboard keys
    16 	testloadso	Tests the loadable library layer
    17 	testlock	Hacked up test of multi-threading and locking
    18 	testmultiaudio	Tests using several audio devices
    19 	testoverlay2	Tests the overlay flickering/scaling during playback.
    20 	testpalette	Tests palette color cycling
    21 	testplatform	Tests types, endianness and cpu capabilities
    22 	testsem		Tests SDL's semaphore implementation
    23 	testshape	Tests shaped windows
    24 	testsprite2	Example of fast sprite movement on the screen
    25 	testtimer	Test the timer facilities
    26 	testver		Check the version and dynamic loading and endianness
    27 	testwm2		Test window manager -- title, icon, events
    28 	torturethread	Simple test for thread creation/destruction
    29 	controllermap   Useful to generate Game Controller API compatible maps
    33 This directory contains sample.wav, which is a sample from Will Provost's
    34 song, The Living Proof:
    36      From the album The Living Proof
    37      Publisher: 5 Guys Named Will
    38      Copyright 1996 Will Provost
    40 You can get a copy of the full song (and album!) from iTunes...
    42     https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/the-living-proof/id4153978
    44 or Amazon...
    46     http://www.amazon.com/The-Living-Proof-Will-Provost/dp/B00004R8RH
    48 Thanks to Will for permitting us to distribute this sample with SDL!