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     1 The patches in this directory are targeted to the premake4 stable branch, based
     2 on the date of these files and the repository.
     4 1. 709.patch: this patch corrects the linking order for generated GNU makefiles.
     5    More information on this patch can be found at:
     7 2. iOS.patch: this patch adds a iOS as a platform option for premake, allowing
     8    for potential iOS Xcode project generation.
     9 3. 711.patch: this patch adds support for Xcode recognizing files added to
    10    Xcode projects with the extensions of .bmp or .wav as resource files with
    11    the respective file types of image and audio. This is needed to properly
    12    bundle the Xcode-iOS resources with the app package. See the following for
    13    more information:
    15 4. 712.patch: this patch fixes an issue in Xcode that prevents post-build
    16    commands from working for multiple configurations. This is why I had to have
    17    debug and release configurations disabled for so long. They are now reenabled
    18    and should be working fine. For more information:
    20 5. 713.patch: this patch allows custom source trees to be set in Xcode links
    21    using variables similar to Visual Studio variables. This is necessary to
    22    properly link to frameworks for iOS projects. For more information:
    25 The repository containing these changes can be found at: