author Sam Lantinga
Wed, 09 Aug 2017 19:03:10 -0700
changeset 11210 c92070a96da5
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Fixed bug 3651 - CMake build does not install CMake package configuration

Most ironically, although autoconf/automake-based builds install (pretty half-assed) CMake package configuration files, they're missing in installations resulting from CMake-based builds entirely.

A proper configuration file typically also loads target exports (implemented in patch 3572, also fixing this issue - see my comment on that issue for details).

I believe it would be best to let the dinosaurs go extinct and redirect all build efforts to the CMake end for two reasons:

1. It potentially provides the best user experience, but you'd have to give it some love and ship with less quirky buildfiles.

2. It would force distros to build SDL via CMake and thus would ensure target exports are actually available everywhere.

Various CMake patches I submitted today in summary (directly converted from the HG commits and `am`d onto a fork of a git mirror that happened to be on `tip`).

Fixing #2576 #3572, #3613, and this fresh ticket, which is almost entirely advertisement ;).

These already do to make SDL much less of a quirky fella to have in your dependency tree...