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Tue, 08 Oct 2019 01:50:02 +0300
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minor simplification to file seek for opus detection. remove unused local.
     1 This version of TiMidity should contain all the fixes from the
     2 September 25 2003 SDL_mixer CVS snapshot. In addition, I've made some
     3 changes of my own, e.g.:
     5 * All file access is done through SDL_RWops. This means the MIDI
     6   stream no longer has to be a file. (The config file and instruments
     7   still have to be though.)
     9 * Replacing of TiMidity's endian-handling with SDL's.
    11 * Removal of much unused or unnecessary code, such as
    13   + The "hooks" for putting a user interface onto TiMidity.
    14   + The antialias filter. It wasn't active, and even at 4 kHz I
    15     couldn't hear any difference when activating it.
    16   + Removed all traces of LOOKUP_HACK and LOOKUP_INTERPOLATION.
    17     According to the code comments they weren't very good anyway.
    18     ("degrades sound quality noticeably"). I also removed the
    19     disclaimer about the "8-bit uLaw to 16-bit PCM and the 13-bit-PCM
    20     to 8-bit uLaw tables" disclaimer, since I believe those were the
    21     tables I removed.
    22   + Removed LOOKUP_SINE since it was already commented out. I think we
    23     can count on our target audience having math co-processors
    24     nowadays.
    25   + Removed USE_LDEXP since it wasn't being used and "it doesn't make
    26     much of a difference either way".
    27   + Removed decompress hack from open_file() since it didn't look very
    28     portable.
    29   + Removed heaps of unnecessary constants.
    30   + Removed unused functions.
    31   + Assume that LINEAR_INTERPOLATION is always used, so remove all
    32     code dealing with it not being so. It's not that I think the
    33     difference in audio quality is that great, but since it wouldn't
    34     compile without code changes I assume no one's used it for quite
    35     some time...
    36   + Assume PRECALC_LOOPS is always defined. Judging by the comments it
    37     may not make much of a difference either way, so why maintain two
    38     versions of the same code?
    40 * Moving several static globals into the MidiSong struct. This
    41   includes sample rate, formate, etc. which are now all per-song.
    43 * Moved some typedefs (e.g. MidiSong) to timidity.h for easy inclusion
    44   into the MIDI decoder.
    46 * Added free_pathlist().
    48 * Replaced TiMidity's own 8, 16 and 32-bit types with SDL's.
    50 * Made TiMidity look for its configuration file in both /etc and
    51   /usr/local/lib/timidity. (Windows version remains unchanged.)
    53 * Timidity_PlaySome() now takes three arguments. A MidiSong, a decode
    54   buffer and decode buffer size in bytes. (MidiSong is a new argument,
    55   and buffer size used to be in samples.)
    57   In addition, it will return the number of bytes decoded.
    59 * Added Timidity_Exit().
    61 * Removed Timidity_Stop() and Timidity_Active(). Stopping playback
    62   should be handled by SDL_sound, and Timidity_PlaySome() will return
    63   0 when the MIDI stream is finished.
    65 * Modified the ToneBank stuff to allow some data to be shared between
    66   MidiSongs.
    68 * The following files have been removed: controls.c, controls.h,
    69   filter.c, filter.h, sdl_a.c, sdl_c.c
    71 * config.h has been renamed as options.h to avoid confusion with the
    72   automatically generated config.h for SDL_sound.
    74 * Added support for loading DLS format instruments:
    75 	Timidity_LoadDLS(), Timidity_FreeDLS(), Timidity_LoadDLSSong()
    77 * Added Timidity_Init_NoConfig()