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Fixed bug 2690 - Floating point exception in Mix_Volume()

Francisco de la Peña

This happens rarely under uncertain circunstances, as it doesn't crash always and does it randomly. Fortunately, I've got a backtrace when running a GDB session. Might be a divide by zero issue in SDL or SDL_mixer.

Program received signal SIGFPE, Arithmetic exception.
0x00000038e8c08a7d in mix_channels (udata=<optimized out>, stream=0x24e11b0 "", len=2048) at mixer.c:345
345 Mix_Volume(i, (mix_channel[i].fade_volume * ticks) / mix_channel[i].fade_length );
(gdb) bt f
#0 0x00000038e8c08a7d in mix_channels (udata=<optimized out>, stream=0x24e11b0 "", len=2048) at mixer.c:345
ticks = 0
mix_input = <optimized out>
i = 0
mixable = <optimized out>
volume = <optimized out>
sdl_ticks = 129373

Using SDL 2.0.3 and SDL_Mixer 2.0.0, PulseAudio, Fedora 20 x86_64 but looks like can be reproduced on other platforms.
     1 /*
     2   SDL_mixer:  An audio mixer library based on the SDL library
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    21   This is the source needed to decode an Ogg Vorbis into a waveform.
    22   This file by Vaclav Slavik (vaclav.slavik@matfyz.cz).
    23 */
    25 /* $Id$ */
    27 #ifdef OGG_MUSIC
    28 /* Don't call this directly; use Mix_LoadWAV_RW() for now. */
    29 SDL_AudioSpec *Mix_LoadOGG_RW (SDL_RWops *src, int freesrc,
    30         SDL_AudioSpec *spec, Uint8 **audio_buf, Uint32 *audio_len);
    31 #endif