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Various bugfixes for music looping
     2 Due to popular demand, here is a simple multi-channel audio mixer.
     3 It supports 4 channels of 16 bit stereo audio, plus a single channel
     4 of music, mixed by the popular MikMod MOD, Timidity MIDI and SMPEG MP3
     5 libraries.
     7 See the header file mixer.h and the examples playwave.c and playmus.c
     8 for documentation on this mixer library.
    10 The mixer can currently load Microsoft WAVE files as audio samples
    11 and can load MIDI files via Timidity and the following music formats
    12 via MikMod:  .MOD .S3M .IT .XM. It can also load MP3 music using the
    13 SMPEG library.
    15 The process of mixing MIDI files to wave output is very CPU intensive,
    16 so if playing regular WAVE files sound great, but playing MIDI files
    17 sound choppy, try using 8-bit audio, mono audio, or lower frequencies.
    19 To play MIDI files, you'll need to get a complete set of GUS patches
    20 from:
    21 and unpack them in /usr/local/lib under UNIX, and C:\ under Win32.
    23 You may add panning, reverb, echo, whatever, but if you do, please
    24 mail changes back to me, Sam Lantinga at
    26 This library is available under the GNU Library General Public License.