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     1.5  Due to popular demand, here is a simple multi-channel audio mixer.
     1.6  It supports 8 channels of 16 bit stereo audio, plus a single channel
     1.7 -of music, mixed by the popular MikMod MOD, Timidity MIDI and SMPEG MP3
     1.8 -libraries.
     1.9 +of music.
    1.11  See the header file SDL_mixer.h and the examples playwave.c and playmus.c
    1.12  for documentation on this mixer library.
    1.14  The mixer can currently load Microsoft WAVE files and Creative Labs VOC
    1.15 -files as audio samples, and can load MIDI files via Timidity and the
    1.16 -following music formats via MikMod:  .MOD .S3M .IT .XM. It can load
    1.17 -Ogg Vorbis streams as music if built with Ogg Vorbis or Tremor libraries,
    1.18 -and finally it can load MP3 music using the SMPEG or libmad libraries.
    1.19 +files as audio samples, it can load FLAC files with libFLAC, it can load
    1.20 +Ogg Vorbis files with Ogg Vorbis or Tremor libraries, it can load MP3 files
    1.21 +using mpg123, SMPEG or libmad, and it can load MIDI files with Timidity,
    1.22 +FluidSynth, and natively on Windows, Mac OSX, and Linux, and finally it can
    1.23 +load the following file formats via ModPlug or MikMod: .MOD .S3M .IT .XM.
    1.25  Tremor decoding is disabled by default; you can enable it by passing
    1.26  	--enable-music-ogg-tremor
    1.27 @@ -34,8 +34,14 @@
    1.28  so if playing regular WAVE files sound great, but playing MIDI files
    1.29  sound choppy, try using 8-bit audio, mono audio, or lower frequencies.
    1.31 -To play MIDI files, you'll need to get a complete set of GUS patches
    1.32 -from:
    1.33 +To play MIDI files using FluidSynth, you'll need to set the SDL_SOUNDFONTS
    1.34 +environment variable to a Sound Font 2 (.sf2) file containing the musical
    1.35 +instruments you want to use for MIDI playback.
    1.36 +(On some Linux distributions you can install the fluid-soundfont-gm package)
    1.37 +
    1.38 +
    1.39 +To play MIDI files using Timidity, you'll need to get a complete set of
    1.40 +GUS patches from:
    1.42  and unpack them in /usr/local/lib under UNIX, and C:\ under Win32.