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SDL_ListModes -- Returns a pointer to an array of available screen dimensions for -the given format and video flags


#include "SDL.h"

SDL_Rect **SDL_ListModes(SDL_PixelFormat *format, Uint32 flags);


Return a pointer to an array of available screen dimensions for the given -format and video flags, sorted largest to smallest. Returns -NULL if there are no dimensions available for a particular -format, or -1 if any dimension is okay for -the given format.

If format is NULL, the mode list -will be for the format returned by SDL_GetVideoInfo()->vfmt. The flag parameter is an OR'd combination of surface flags. The flags are the same as those used SDL_SetVideoMode and they play a strong role in deciding what modes are valid. For instance, if you pass SDL_HWSURFACE as a flag only modes that support hardware video surfaces will be returned.


SDL_Rect **modes;
-int i;
-/* Get available fullscreen/hardware modes */
-/* Check is there are any modes available */
-if(modes == (SDL_Rect **)0){
-  printf("No modes available!\n");
-  exit(-1);
-/* Check if our resolution is restricted */
-if(modes == (SDL_Rect **)-1){
-  printf("All resolutions available.\n");
-  /* Print valid modes */
-  printf("Available Modes\n");
-  for(i=0;modes[i];++i)
-    printf("  %d x %d\n", modes[i]->w, modes[i]->h);

See Also

SDL_SetVideoMode, -SDL_GetVideoInfo, -SDL_Rect, -SDL_PixelFormat

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