author Sam Lantinga <>
Sun, 08 Dec 2019 11:36:40 -0800
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Fixed bug 4883 - Add approximation for display DPI on iOS

Aaron Barany

There appears to be no way to directly access the display DPI on iOS, so as an approximation the DPI for the iPhone 1 is used as a base value and is multiplied by the screen's scale. This should at least give a ballpark number for the various screen scales. (based on it appears that both 2x and 3x are used)

I have updated the patch to use a table of current devices and use a computation as a fallback. I have also updated the fallback computation to be more accurate.
     1 usr/bin/sdl2-config
     2 usr/include/SDL2
     3 usr/lib/*/*.a
     4 usr/lib/*/*.la
     5 usr/lib/*/*.so
     6 usr/lib/*/pkgconfig/sdl2.pc
     7 usr/lib/*/cmake/SDL2/sdl2-config.cmake
     8 usr/share/aclocal/sdl2.m4