author Sam Lantinga
Mon, 14 Aug 2017 13:48:13 -0700
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Fixed bug 2418 - Structure SDL_gestureTouch leaking


Structure SDL_gestureTouch gets reallocated for every new added gesture but its never freed.

Proposed patch add the function SDL_GestureQuit() that takes care of doing that and gets called when TouchQuit is called.

Gabriel Jacobo

Thanks for the patch. I think it needs a bit of extra work though, looking at the code in SDL_gesture.c , I see that SDL_numGestureTouches only goes up, I think the right fix here involves adding SDL_GestureDelTouch (hooked into SDL_DelTouch) as well as SDL_GestureQuit (as you posted in your patch).
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    20 */
    21 #include "../SDL_internal.h"
    23 #ifndef SDL_gesture_c_h_
    24 #define SDL_gesture_c_h_
    26 extern int SDL_GestureAddTouch(SDL_TouchID touchId);
    27 extern int SDL_GestureDelTouch(SDL_TouchID touchId);
    29 extern void SDL_GestureProcessEvent(SDL_Event* event);
    31 extern void SDL_GestureQuit(void);
    33 #endif /* SDL_gesture_c_h_ */
    35 /* vi: set ts=4 sw=4 expandtab: */