author Sam Lantinga
Thu, 01 Sep 2016 01:26:56 -0700
changeset 10304 ee83e0b4a36f
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wayland: Add support for relative mouse mode, by Jonas Ã…dahl <>

Generate the C protocol files from the protocol XML files installed by
wayland-protocols, and use them to implement support for relative pointer
motions and pointer locking.

Note that at the time, the protocol is unstable and may change in the future.
Any future breaking changes will, however, fail gracefully and result in no
regressions compared to before this patch.
     1 MinGW requires both the MinGW system and MSYS.
     3 There is a script for generating a series of GNU makefiles targeted
     4 at MinGW on Windows. These makefiles will build the SDL library and
     5 test executables with static links to libgcc and the same features
     6 as the Visual Studio builds. That is, they have full OpenGL support
     7 and they have no dependency on MinGW.
     9 After generating the scripts, simply navigate to the directory in
    10 a MSYS terminal and execute:
    12     make
    14 If you wish to clean the directory, you can use either the clean
    15 batch file, or call:
    17     make clean
    19 The former will remove the actual makefiles and the latter will
    20 perform a typical clean operation. You can target specific
    21 build configurations as such:
    23     make config=debug
    25 Verbosity is initially set to off. All verbosity controls is
    26 whether the resulting gcc and ar commands are printed to the
    27 console. You can enable verbose output by setting verbose to any
    28 value:
    30     make verbose=1
    32 There is currently no install target, but that is intended
    33 eventually.
    35 Ben:
    36 There is no DirectX support currently, but you can use the
    37 command option '--directx' when generating the makefiles to
    38 explicitly force the DirectX dependency on. This may have
    39 undefined behavior, so use it cautiously.