author Sam Lantinga
Thu, 01 Sep 2016 01:26:56 -0700
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wayland: Add support for relative mouse mode, by Jonas Ã…dahl <>

Generate the C protocol files from the protocol XML files installed by
wayland-protocols, and use them to implement support for relative pointer
motions and pointer locking.

Note that at the time, the protocol is unstable and may change in the future.
Any future breaking changes will, however, fail gracefully and result in no
regressions compared to before this patch.
     1 Use the Xcode command files (located in the Xcode-iOS/build-scripts folder)
     2 to conveniently generate a workspace for Xcode 3 or Xcode 4. It also
     3 contains a cleaner script and a convenient script for automatically
     4 running all the test suites.
     6 The iOS project will be referencing all files related to the top-level iOS
     7 project. The core library will use the top-level include and src directories,
     8 just like the other generated projects, but it will build projects for each of
     9 the Demos in the top-level Xcode-iOS folder. These projects will have any
    10 resources they need copied to be copied over and included as resources. They
    11 will also reference the Info.plist file in Xcode-iOS/Demos.
    13 iOS support is currently experimental, but it should work just fine for any and
    14 all applications. All of the demos that work from the manually-created Xcode
    15 projects also work for the generated projects. There are a few minor things that
    16 need improving, but nothing major.
    18 The iOS projects have no major dependencies other than the ones in the manual
    19 Xcode-iOS project. Those are:
    21   -AudioToolbox.framework
    22   -QuartzCore.framework
    23   -OpenGLES.framework
    24   -CoreGraphics.framework
    25   -UIKit.framework
    26   -Foundation.framework
    27   -CoreAudio.framework
    28   -CoreMotion.framework
    29   -GameController.framework
    31 All of these frameworks are part of the iOS SDK, not part of the core OS X
    32 system.
    34 Run the clean script to clear out the directory of Xcode-related files
    35 and binaries.