author Sam Lantinga
Thu, 01 Sep 2016 01:26:56 -0700
changeset 10304 ee83e0b4a36f
parent 7925 f090a47eb7f7
permissions -rwxr-xr-x
wayland: Add support for relative mouse mode, by Jonas Ã…dahl <>

Generate the C protocol files from the protocol XML files installed by
wayland-protocols, and use them to implement support for relative pointer
motions and pointer locking.

Note that at the time, the protocol is unstable and may change in the future.
Any future breaking changes will, however, fail gracefully and result in no
regressions compared to before this patch.
     1 There is a script in the Cygwin/build-scripts folder for generating a series of
     2 GNU makefiles for building the SDL2 project and some parts of its test suite.
     3 These work similarly to the MinGW makefiles, but the overall Cygwin project has
     4 significant limitations.
     6 The current project will not build correctly. It's experimental and has a lot of
     7 tweaking needed to be built. It was built successfully once, but it has not been
     8 maintained in any way.
    10 The Cygwin project is limited in that it is not expected to be able to run
    11 anything visual at all. It is not difficult to enable all of the visual tests
    12 and support (such as X11 support or OpenGL), but it is not a goal for this
    13 project. For the complexity of having a compatible desktop environment setup on
    14 Cygwin, it's assumed that will not be the case for most users of the generated
    15 Cygwin project. As a result, only the core tests and library are built for
    16 Cygwin, focusing on things like thread support, file operations, and various
    17 system queries and information gathering.
    19 The Cygwin directory does have automated tests to run through the tests
    20 supported by Cygwin. It also has separate build scripts for both debug and
    21 release builds, though this is assuming the GNU make utility is located in the
    22 user's PATH.
    24 The Cygwin project has no outstanding dependencies, since it is designed to be
    25 mostly minimalistic and just relied on the POSIX functionality provided by
    26 Cygwin.
    28 Like the other projects, you may cleanup the entire directory of any generated
    29 or built files using the clean script located in Cygwin/build-scripts.