author Sam Lantinga
Thu, 01 Sep 2016 01:26:56 -0700
changeset 10304 ee83e0b4a36f
parent 9264 c1eab6da82c1
child 11168 93e083869445
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wayland: Add support for relative mouse mode, by Jonas Ã…dahl <>

Generate the C protocol files from the protocol XML files installed by
wayland-protocols, and use them to implement support for relative pointer
motions and pointer locking.

Note that at the time, the protocol is unstable and may change in the future.
Any future breaking changes will, however, fail gracefully and result in no
regressions compared to before this patch.
     1 @echo off
     2 rem just a helper batch file for collecting up files and zipping them.
     3 rem usage: windows-buildbot-zipper.bat <zipfilename>
     4 rem must be run from root of SDL source tree.
     6 IF EXIST VisualC\Win32\Release GOTO okaydir
     7 echo Please run from root of source tree after doing a Release build.
     8 GOTO done
    10 :okaydir
    11 erase /q /f /s zipper
    12 IF EXIST zipper GOTO zippermade
    13 mkdir zipper
    14 :zippermade
    15 cd zipper
    16 mkdir SDL
    17 cd SDL
    18 mkdir include
    19 mkdir lib
    20 mkdir lib\win32
    21 copy ..\..\include\*.h include\
    22 copy ..\..\VisualC\Win32\Release\SDL2.dll lib\win32\
    23 copy ..\..\VisualC\Win32\Release\SDL2.lib lib\win32\
    24 copy ..\..\VisualC\Win32\Release\SDL2main.lib lib\win32\
    25 cd ..
    26 zip -9r ..\%1 SDL
    27 cd ..
    28 erase /q /f /s zipper
    30 :done