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Tue, 25 Jan 2005 16:57:11 +0000
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Date: Mon, 24 Jan 2005 21:37:56 +0800
From: Chris Taylor
Subject: Patch to put back dynamic OpenGL loading for MPW

I sent a patch a while ago that removes dynamic OpenGL loading for
Macintosh Programmer's Workshop. Dynamic loading DOES actually work
when an SDL program is built with MPW, it just has to be set up for it.
(Whoops!!) This is the ideal way to get OpenGL extensions to work,
which D2X uses quite a few of.

This patch puts dynamic loading back in SDL for Mac OS 9. It applies to
current CVS. I noticed that two members need to be set when
DrawSprocket is used.
     2 Project files for embedded Visual C++ 4.0 can be found in
     4 NOTE:
     5 There are several SDL features not available in the WinCE port of SDL.
     7 - DirectX is not yet available
     8 - Semaphores are not available
     9 - Joystick support is not available
    10 - CD-ROM control is not available
    12 In addition, there are several features that run in "degraded" mode:
    14 Preprocessor Symbol		Effect
    15 ===================		=================================
    17 SDL_systimer.c:
    18 USE_GETTICKCOUNT		Less accurate values for SDL time functions
    19 USE_SETTIMER			Use only a single marginally accurate timer
    21 SDL_syswm.c:
    22 DISABLE_ICON_SUPPORT		Can't set the runtime window icon
    24 SDL_sysmouse.c:
    25 USE_STATIC_CURSOR		Only the arrow cursor is available
    27 SDL_sysevents.c:
    28 NO_GETKEYBOARDSTATE		Can't get modifier state on keyboard focus
    30 SDL_dibevents.c:
    31 NO_GETKEYBOARDSTATE		Very limited keycode translation
    33 SDL_dibvideo.c:
    34 NO_GETDIBITS			Can't distinguish between 15 bpp and 16 bpp
    35 NO_CHANGEDISPLAYSETTINGS	No fullscreen support
    36 NO_GAMMA_SUPPORT		Gamma correction not available