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Wed, 25 Dec 2013 21:39:48 -0500
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WinRT: compiled the d3d11 renderer's shaders into SDL itself

Previously, the shaders would get compiled separately, the output of which would need to be packaged into the app. This change should make SDL's dll be the only binary needed to include SDL in a WinRT app.
     1 SDL port for the Sony PSP contributed by 
     2    Captian Lex 
     4 Credit to
     5    Marcus R.Brown,Jim Paris,Matthew H for the original SDL 1.2 for PSP
     6    Geecko for his PSP GU lib "Glib2d"
     8 Building
     9 --------
    10 To build for the PSP, make sure psp-config is in the path and run:
    11    make -f Makefile.psp
    15 To Do
    16 ------
    17 PSP Screen Keyboard