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Thu, 11 May 2006 03:45:55 +0000
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Fixed bug #208

So, here's a patch with a reimplementation of QZ_SetIcon() that does what I
described above. I apologize for the delay, I've been quite busy in the last
few days.

It appears to work here on 10.4.5 PPC in the limited testing that I've done;
I'll try to test it on 10.3.9 and 10.2.8 as well, but that might take another
week or so. Please test on i386.

Regarding alpha channels, per-surface alpha, and color keys, the same semantics
as for regular blits to an RGB surface should apply (for the final icon
composited onto the dock), unless I made a mistake - except in one pathological
case: if the icon surface has an alpha channel, its SDL_SRCALPHA flag is not
set (i.e. it has been explicitly cleared, since it's on by default for RGBA
surfaces), and it has a color key, plus an explicit mask was specified (instead
of the one autogenerated from the colorkey), then the color-keyed areas appear
black instead of transparent. I found no elegant way of fixing this, was too
lazy to implement the inelegant one, and decided that it isn't worth the effort
(but if someone disagrees, I can do it).
     2 ==============================================================================
     3 Using the Simple DirectMedia Layer with EPOC/SymbianOS 6.0
     4 ==============================================================================
     6 ==============================================================================
     7 I.  Building the Simple DirectMedia Layer libraries:
     9   You can get Symbian SDK from: 
    12   First create "Epoc" directory under SDL main directory and unpack 
    13 in it.
    15   To build the librarys goto "epoc" directory and type:
    16     bldmake bldfiles
    17     abld makefile vc6 (for creating Microsoft Visual C++ makefiles)
    18     abld build wins udeb (building for wins emulator)
    19     abld build armi urel (building for real device)
    21 ==============================================================================
    22 II. Building the Simple DirectMedia Layer programs:
    24   Building SDL test programs is easy once you have built the libraries:
    25     abld test build wins udeb
    26     abld test build armi urel
    28   Supported real screen resolutions
    29     320 x 200 x  8 bit
    30     320 x 200 x 12 bit
    31     640 x 200 x  8 bit
    32     640 x 200 x 12 bit
    33   Supported "emulated" screen resolutions 
    34     640 x 400 x  8 bit
    35     640 x 400 x 12 bit
    36     640 x 480 x  8 bit
    37     640 x 480 x 12 bit
    38   "Emulated" resolutions are implemented by by shrinking the screen vertically 
    39   i.e. only every second scanline is drawn. This is mainly ment to be used for 
    40   testing quick ports of programs. Using faked resolutions is a waste of memory 
    41   and cpu power!
    43 ==============================================================================
    44 III. Running test programs
    46   Copy executable to the device and run it from the File manager.   The Esc 
    47   key quits demo programs. In Crystal, Exe programs do not appear in task list 
    48   nor in Extras :-(. Test programs are tested in Nokia 9210 Communicator.
    50   Special keys used in SDL:
    51     The Caps lock key enables or disables the virtual cursor. 
    52     Function keys are mapped as follows: 
    53     F1=chr+q, F2=chr+w,..., F8=chr+i, 
    54     F9=chr+a,..., F12=chr+d.
    56 ==============================================================================
    57 IV.  Enjoy! :)
    59   If you have a project you'd like me to know about, or want to ask questions,
    60   go ahead and join the SDL developer's mailing list by sending e-mail to:
    64   and put "subscribe" into the subject of the message. Or alternatively you
    65   can use the web interface:
    69   You can find more info about Epoc version of SDL from Hannu Viitala's 
    70   homepage
    73 ==============================================================================