author Sam Lantinga <>
Sun, 10 Sep 2017 10:30:25 -0700
changeset 11488 998f992b03ed
parent 11210 c92070a96da5
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Fixed bug 3811 - change HAVE_COPYSIGN to HAVE__COPYSIGN in SDL_config_windows.h

Ozkan Sezer

The patch below changes HAVE_COPYSIGN macro in SDL_config_windows.h to
HAVE__COPYSIGN, so that _copysign() can be used in SDL_stdlib.h which
is available in many more windows-targeting toolchains such as MinGW,
MSVC >= 6, etc, and not just MSVC >= 2013. SDL_stdlib.c already has a
specific check for HAVE__COPYSIGN, so I believe this is reasonable.
     1 include("${CMAKE_CURRENT_LIST_DIR}/SDL2Targets.cmake")