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     1 <HTML>
     2 <HEAD><TITLE>SDL Stable Release</TITLE></HEAD>
     3 <BODY BGCOLOR="#FFEBCD" TEXT="#000000">
     5 <IMG SRC="docs/images/rainbow.gif" ALT="[separator]" WIDTH="100%">
     6 <P>
     7 This source is stable, and is fully tested on all supported platforms.<br>
     8 Please send bug reports or questions to the SDL mailing list:<br>
     9 <a href=""
    10         ></a><br>
    11 The latest stable release may be found on the
    12 	<a href="">SDL website</A>.
    13 </P>
    15 <H2> <A HREF="docs/index.html">API Documentation</A> </H2>
    17 <H2> SDL 1.2.10 Release Notes </H2>
    18 <P>
    19 SDL 1.2.10 is a major release, featuring a revamp of the build system and many API improvements and bug fixes.
    20 </P>
    21 <H3> API enhancements </H3>
    22 <UL>
    23 <LI>
    24 	If SDL_OpenAudio() is passed zero for the desired format
    25 	fields, the following environment variables will be used
    26 	to fill them in:
    27 <pre><code>
    32 </code></pre>
    33 	If an environment variable is not specified, it will be set
    34 	to a reasonable default value.
    35 <LI>
    36 	SDL_SetVideoMode() now accepts 0 for width or height and will use
    37 	the current video mode (or the desktop mode if no mode has been set.)
    38 <LI>
    39 	Added current_w and current_h to the SDL_VideoInfo structure,
    40 	which is set to the desktop resolution during video intialization,
    41 	and then set to the current resolution when a video mode is set.
    42 <LI>
    43 	SDL_GL_LoadLibrary() will load the system default OpenGL library
    44 	if it is passed NULL as a parameter.
    45 <LI>
    46 	Added SDL_GL_SWAP_CONTROL to wait for vsync in OpenGL applications.
    47 <LI>
    48 	Added SDL_GL_ACCELERATED_VISUAL to guarantee hardware acceleration.
    49 <LI>
    50 	SDL_WM_SetCaption() now officially takes UTF-8 title and icon strings, and displays international characters on supported platforms.
    51 <LI>
    52 	Added SDL_GetKeyRepeat() to query the key repeat settings.
    53 <LI>
    54 	Added the "dummy" audio driver, which can be used to emulate audio
    55 	output without a sound card.
    56 <LI>
    57 	Added SDL_config.h, with defaults for various build environments.
    58 </UL>
    60 <H3> General Notes </H3>
    63 <P>
    64 	The SDL website now has an <A HREF="">RSS feed</A>!
    65 <P>
    66 	The SDL development source code is now managed with <A HREF="">Subversion</A>.
    67 <P>
    68 	SDL now uses the Bugzilla <A HREF="">bug tracking system</A>, hosted by
    69 <P>
    70 	SDL is licensed under version 2.1 of the GNU Lesser General Public License.
    71 <P>
    72 	The entire build system has been revamped to make it much more portable, including versions of C library functions to make it possible to run SDL on a minimal embedded environment.  See README.Porting in the SDL source distribution for information on how to port SDL to a new platform.
    73 <P>
    74 	SDL_opengl.h has been updated with the latest glext.h from <A HREF=""></A>
    75 <P>
    76 	Alex Volkov contributed highly optimized RGB <-> RGBA blitters.
    77 </BLOCKQUOTE>
    79 <H3> Unix Notes </H3>
    82 <P>
    83 	The X11 libraries are dynamically loaded at runtime by default.  This allows the distributed version of SDL to run on systems without X11 libraries installed.
    84 <P>
    85 	The XiG XME extension code is now included in the X11 video driver by default.
    86 <P>
    87 	XRandR support for video mode switching has been added to the X11 driver, but is disabled because of undesired interactions with window managers.  You can enable this by setting the environment variable SDL_VIDEO_X11_XRANDR to 1.
    88 <P>
    89 	Xinerama multi-head displays are properly handled now, and the SDL_VIDEO_FULLSCREEN_HEAD environment variable can be used to select the screen used for fullscreen video modes.  Note that changing the video modes only works on screen 0.
    90 <P>
    91 	XVidMode video modes are now sorted so they maintain the refresh rates specified in the X11 configuration file.
    92 <P>
    93 	SDL windows are no longer transparent in X11 compositing systems like XGL.
    94 <P>
    95 	The mouse is properly released by the X11 video driver if the fullscreen window loses focus.
    96 <P>
    97 	The X11 input driver now uses XIM to handle international input.
    98 <P>
    99 	The screensaver and DPMS monitor blanking are disabled while SDL games are running under the X11 and DGA video drivers.  This behavior will be formalized and selectable in SDL 1.3.
   100 <P>
   101 	Fixed a bug preventing stereo OpenGL contexts from being selected on the X11 driver.
   102 <P>
   103 	The DGA video driver now waits for pending blits involving surfaces before they are freed.  This prevents display oddities when using SDL_DisplayFormat() to convert many images.
   104 <P>
   105 	The framebuffer console video driver now has a parser for /etc/fb.modes for improved video mode handling.
   106 <P>
   107 	The framebuffer console video driver now allows asynchronous VT switching, and restores the full contents of the screen when switched back.
   108 <P>
   109 	The framebuffer console now uses CTRL-ALT-FN to switch virtual terminals, to avoid collisions with application key bindings.
   110 <P>
   111 	The framebuffer console input driver correctly sets IMPS/2 mode for wheel mice.  It also properly detects when gpm is in IMPS/2 protocol mode, or passing raw protocol from an IMPS/2 mouse.
   112 <P>
   113 	The SVGAlib video driver now has support for banked (non-linear) video modes.
   114 <P>
   115 	A video driver for OpenBSD on the Sharp Zaurus has been contributed by Staffan Ulfberg.  See the file README.wscons in the SDL source distribution for details.
   116 <P>
   117 	Many patches have been incorporated from *BSD ports.
   118 </BLOCKQUOTE>
   120 <H3> Windows Notes </H3>
   123 <P>
   124 	The "windib" video driver is the default now, to prevent problems with certain laptops, 64-bit Windows, and Windows Vista.  The DirectX driver is still available, and can be selected by setting the environment variable SDL_VIDEODRIVER to "directx".
   125 <P>
   126 	SDL has been ported to 64-bit Windows.
   127 <P>
   128 	Dmitry Yakimov contributed a GAPI video driver for Windows CE.
   129 <P>
   130 	The default fullscreen refresh rate has been increased to match the desktop refresh rate, when using equivalent resolutions.  A full API for querying and selecting refresh rates is planned for SDL 1.3.
   131 <P>
   132 	Dialog boxes are now shown when SDL is in windowed OpenGL mode.
   133 <P>
   134 	The SDL window is recreated when necessary to maintain OpenGL context attributes, when switching between windowed and fullscreen modes.
   135 <P>
   136 	An SDL_VIDEORESIZE event is properly sent when the SDL window is maximized and restored.
   137 <P>
   138 	Window positions are retained when switching between fullscreen and windowed modes.
   139 <P>
   140 	ToUnicode() is used, when available, for improved handling of international keyboard input.
   141 <P>
   142 	The PrtScrn is now treated normally with both key down and key up events.
   143 <P>
   144 	Pressing ALT-F4 now delivers an SDL_QUIT event to SDL applications.
   145 <P>
   146 	Joystick names are now correct for joysticks which have been unplugged and then plugged back in since booting.
   147 <P>
   148 	An MCI error when playing the last track on a CD-ROM has been fixed.
   149 <P>
   150 	OpenWatcom projects for building SDL have been provided by Marc Peter.
   151 </BLOCKQUOTE>
   153 <H3> Mac OS X Notes </H3>
   156 <P>
   157 	SDL now supports building Universal binaries, both through Xcode projects and when using configure/make.  See README.MacOSX in the SDL source archive for details.
   158 <P>
   159 	The X11 video driver with GLX support can be built on Mac OS X, if the X11 development SDK is installed.
   160 <P>
   161 	Transitions between fullscreen resolutions and windowed mode now use a much faster asynchronous fade to hide desktop flicker.
   162 <P>
   163 	Icons set with SDL_WM_SetIcon() now have the proper colors on Intel Macs.
   164 </BLOCKQUOTE>
   166 <H3> OS/2 Notes </H3>
   169 <P>
   170 	Projects for building SDL on OS/2 with OpenWatcom have been contributed by Doodle.  See the file README.OS2 in the SDL source distribution for details.
   171 </BLOCKQUOTE>
   173 <IMG SRC="docs/images/rainbow.gif" ALT="[separator]" WIDTH="100%">
   175 </BODY>
   176 </HTML>