author Sam Lantinga <>
Tue, 12 Jun 2018 00:18:10 -0700
changeset 12014 8af8c17eaf82
parent 11605 b914622c734e
permissions -rw-r--r--
Added common controllers used with Steam Big Picture

These are entirely untested
Several USB ids refer to multiple packaged products. In those cases I tried to use the most common name, or a general name (e.g. PS3 Controller), or a completely generic name (e.g. USB gamepad) if it wasn't clear what type of controller it was.
Patches welcome!
     1 if (NOT EXISTS "@CMAKE_BINARY_DIR@/install_manifest.txt")
     2     message(FATAL_ERROR "Cannot find install manifest: \"@CMAKE_BINARY_DIR@/install_manifest.txt\"")
     3 endif(NOT EXISTS "@CMAKE_BINARY_DIR@/install_manifest.txt")
     5 file(READ "@CMAKE_BINARY_DIR@/install_manifest.txt" files)
     6 string(REGEX REPLACE "\n" ";" files "${files}")
     7 foreach (file ${files})
     8     message(STATUS "Uninstalling \"$ENV{DESTDIR}${file}\"")
     9     execute_process(
    10         COMMAND @CMAKE_COMMAND@ -E remove "$ENV{DESTDIR}${file}"
    11         OUTPUT_VARIABLE rm_out
    12         RESULT_VARIABLE rm_retval
    13     )
    14     if(NOT ${rm_retval} EQUAL 0)
    15         message(FATAL_ERROR "Problem when removing \"$ENV{DESTDIR}${file}\"")
    16     endif (NOT ${rm_retval} EQUAL 0)
    17 endforeach(file)