author Ryan C. Gordon
Mon, 05 Jan 2015 01:41:42 -0500
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Clang static analysis builds should use C runtime directly.

This is a little macro magic to use malloc() directly instead of SDL_malloc(),
etc, so static analysis tests that know about the C runtime can function
properly, and understand that we are dealing with heap allocations, etc.

This changed our static analysis report from 5 outstanding bugs to 30.

5x as many bugs were hidden by SDL_malloc() not being recognized as malloc()
by the static analyzer!
     1 find . -type d -name 'Debug' -exec rm -rv {} \;
     2 find . -type d -name 'Release' -exec rm -rv {} \;
     3 find . -type f -name '*.user' -exec rm -v {} \;
     4 find . -type f -name '*.ncb' -exec rm -v {} \;
     5 find . -type f -name '*.suo' -exec rm -v {} \;