author Ryan C. Gordon
Mon, 21 Aug 2017 00:42:06 -0400
changeset 11334 749cb40916f2
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x11: specify event mask for buttons when grabbing pointer (thanks, Stas!).

This fixes a strange corner case (notes appended below), and should be
safe to do anyhow.

Fixes Bugzilla #3674.

"I did more tests.
It appears the bug only happens if there is
another window on the screen that has "always
on top" property. For me it is xawtv - it is
always opened in a screen corner. Closing
xawtv or removing "always on top" property
from it makes the problem to go away.
Plus, it doesn't appear like the buttons are
not delivered at all. It appears that instead
the button presses are delivered on some mouse
positions, but not delivered when you move the
mouse to other part of the window... So this is
really weird and is likely somewhere deep in the
Maybe somehow it happens that the cursor is
actually above the xawtv window, but, because
my app uses grab, it is not visible there, and
in that case the events are not delivered to
my app?
But with my patch the button events are
always delivered flawlessly, it seems.

Hmm, and that indeed seems to explain my problem:
if the mask is set properly and my app uses
grab, then, even if the mouse is above some
other window, the events would still be delivered
to the grabbing app, which is what actually wanted
because my app uses relative mouse mode, so it
doesn't know the pointer can cross some other window
(my app draws the pointer itself).
So my current theory is that my patch only enforces
the mouse grab, which otherwise can be tricked by
some other window preventing the button events
delivery (but motion events are still delivered
via xinput2, which makes it all look very obscure)."
     1 @echo off
     2 rem just a helper batch file for collecting up files and zipping them.
     3 rem usage: windows-buildbot-zipper.bat <zipfilename>
     4 rem must be run from root of SDL source tree.
     6 IF EXIST VisualC\Win32\Release GOTO okaywin32dir
     7 echo Please run from root of source tree after doing a Release build.
     8 GOTO done
    10 :okaywin32dir
    11 IF EXIST VisualC\x64\Release GOTO okaydirs
    12 echo Please run from root of source tree after doing a Release build.
    13 GOTO done
    15 :okaydirs
    16 erase /q /f /s zipper
    17 IF EXIST zipper GOTO zippermade
    18 mkdir zipper
    19 :zippermade
    20 cd zipper
    21 mkdir SDL
    22 cd SDL
    23 mkdir include
    24 mkdir lib
    25 mkdir lib\win32
    26 mkdir lib\win64
    27 copy ..\..\include\*.h include\
    28 copy ..\..\VisualC\Win32\Release\SDL2.dll lib\win32\
    29 copy ..\..\VisualC\Win32\Release\SDL2.lib lib\win32\
    30 copy ..\..\VisualC\Win32\Release\SDL2main.lib lib\win32\
    31 copy ..\..\VisualC\x64\Release\SDL2.dll lib\win64\
    32 copy ..\..\VisualC\x64\Release\SDL2.lib lib\win64\
    33 copy ..\..\VisualC\x64\Release\SDL2main.lib lib\win64\
    34 cd ..
    35 zip -9r ..\%1 SDL
    36 cd ..
    37 erase /q /f /s zipper
    39 :done