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Wed, 24 Jun 2015 10:56:37 -0700
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- do the scancode to keyboard code lookup for the grave key, so that we can show users the correct keyface for the key, rather than forcing it to "`". Note that if a game is using SDLK_* for its KB mapping then after this change on some keyboards the top left key will no longer be mapped correctly with the old data.

CR: SamL
     1 #!/bin/sh
     2 #
     3 # Print the current source revision, if available
     5 # FIXME: this prints the tip, which isn't useful if you're on a different
     6 #  branch, or just not sync'd to the tip.
     7 hg tip --template 'hg-{rev}:{node|short}' || (echo "hg-0:baadf00d"; exit 1)