author Sam Lantinga <>
Sat, 12 Aug 2017 16:44:00 -0700
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Fixed bug 3058 - Slight mistake in GetWindowStyle in SDL_windowswindow.c


There's a slight mistake in the function "GetWindowStyle" found in file "SDL_windowswindow.c".

When a window is marked to be resizable, the resizable style is being added regardless of whether the window has a border or not. While for some arcane, hidden semantics this can be ok, it's still inconsistent in this case.
     1 Future work roadmap:
     2  *
     4  * Check 1.2 revisions:
     5 	3554 - Need to resolve semantics for locking keys on different platforms
     6 	4874 - Do we want screen rotation?  At what level?
     7 	4974 - Windows file code needs to convert UTF-8 to Unicode, but we don't need to tap dance for Windows 95/98
     8 	4865 - See if this is still needed (mouse coordinate clamping)
     9 	4866 - See if this is still needed (blocking window repositioning)