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Mon, 23 Jan 2017 16:45:50 -0500
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audio: Resampler now special-cases stereo and mono processing.

Turns out that iterating from 0 to channels-1 was a serious performance hit!

These cases now tend to match or beat the original audio resampler's speed!
     1 # This file is used to override default values used by the Ant build system.
     2 # 
     3 # This file must be checked in Version Control Systems, as it is
     4 # integral to the build system of your project.
     6 # This file is only used by the Ant script.
     8 # You can use this to override default values such as
     9 #  'source.dir' for the location of your java source folder and
    10 #  'out.dir' for the location of your output folder.
    12 # You can also use it define how the release builds are signed by declaring
    13 # the following properties:
    14 #  '' for the location of your keystore and
    15 #  'key.alias' for the name of the key to use.
    16 # The password will be asked during the build when you use the 'release' target.