author Sam Lantinga <>
Thu, 02 Apr 2009 04:06:55 +0000
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This patch provides basic support for video on the Sony PS3
Linux framebuffer. Scaling, format-conversion, and drawing is
done from the SPEs, so there is little performance impact to
PPE applications. This is by no means production quality code,
but it is a very good start and a good example of how to use the
PS3's hardware capabilities to accelerate video playback on
the box.

The driver has been verified to work with ffplay, mplayer and xine.
This piece of software has been developed at the IBM R&D Lab
in Boeblingen, Germany and is now returned to the community.

Enjoy !

Signed-off-by: D.Herrendoerfer < d.herrendoerfer [at] de [dot] ibm [dot] com >
     2 SDL on Sony Playstation3
     3 ------------------------
     5 Installation:
     6   First, you have to install the Cell SDK
     7   - Download the Cell SDK installer RPM and ISO images to
     8     a temporary directory such as /tmp/cellsdk.
     9   - Mount the image: mount -o loop CellSDK-Devel-Fedora_3. /tmp/cellsdk
    10   - Install the SDK installer: rpm -ivh cell-install-3.1.0-0.0.noarch.rpm
    11   - Install the SDK: cd /opt/cell && ./cellsdk --iso /tmp/cellsdkiso install
    13   You need to install the SPU-libs before installing SDL
    14   - Go to SDL-1.2/src/video/ps3/spulibs/
    15   - Run make && make install
    17   Finally, install SDL
    18   - Go to SDL-1.2/ and build SDL like any other GNU style package.
    19   e.g.
    20     - Build the configure-script with ./
    21     - Configure SDL for your needs: ./configure --enable-video-ps3 ...
    22     - Build and install it: make && make install
    25 Todo:
    26   - mouse/keyboard/controller support
    28 Have fun!
    29   Dirk Herrendoerfer <d.herrendoerfer [at] de [dot ibm [dot] com>