author Sam Lantinga
Tue, 10 Jan 2017 08:54:33 -0800
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Fixed bugs 2570, 3145, improved OpenGL ES context support on Windows and X11

Mark Callow

The attached patch does the following for the X11 and Windows platforms, the only ones where SDL attempts to use context_create_es_profile:

- Adds SDL_HINT_OPENGL_ES_DRIVER by which the application can
say to use the OpenGL ES driver & EGL rather than the Open GL
driver. (For bug #2570)
- Adds code to {WIN,X11}_GL_InitExtensions to determine the maximum
OpenGL ES version supported by the OpenGL driver (for bug #3145)
- Modifies the test that determines whether to use the OpenGL
driver or the real OpenGL ES driver to take into account the
hint, the requested and supported ES version and whether ES 1.X
is being requested. (For bug #2570 & bug #3145)
- Enables the testgles2 test for __WINDOWS__ and __LINUX__ and adds
the test to the VisualC projects.

With the fix in place I have run testdraw2, testgl and testgles2 without any issues and have run my own apps that use OpenGL, OpenGL ES 3 and OpenGL ES 1.1.
     1 @echo off
     2 rem just a helper batch file for collecting up files and zipping them.
     3 rem usage: windows-buildbot-zipper.bat <zipfilename>
     4 rem must be run from root of SDL source tree.
     6 IF EXIST VisualC\Win32\Release GOTO okaydir
     7 echo Please run from root of source tree after doing a Release build.
     8 GOTO done
    10 :okaydir
    11 erase /q /f /s zipper
    12 IF EXIST zipper GOTO zippermade
    13 mkdir zipper
    14 :zippermade
    15 cd zipper
    16 mkdir SDL
    17 cd SDL
    18 mkdir include
    19 mkdir lib
    20 mkdir lib\win32
    21 copy ..\..\include\*.h include\
    22 copy ..\..\VisualC\Win32\Release\SDL2.dll lib\win32\
    23 copy ..\..\VisualC\Win32\Release\SDL2.lib lib\win32\
    24 copy ..\..\VisualC\Win32\Release\SDL2main.lib lib\win32\
    25 cd ..
    26 zip -9r ..\%1 SDL
    27 cd ..
    28 erase /q /f /s zipper
    30 :done