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     1.4 +There is a script in the Cygwin/build-scripts folder for generating a series of
     1.5 +GNU makefiles for building the SDL2 project and some parts of its test suite.
     1.6 +These work similarly to the MinGW makefiles, but the overall Cygwin project has
     1.7 +significant limitations.
     1.8 +
     1.9 +The current project will not build correctly. It's experimental and has a lot of
    1.10 +tweaking needed to be built. It was built successfully once, but it has not been
    1.11 +maintained in any way.
    1.12 +
    1.13 +The Cygwin project is limited in that it is not expected to be able to run
    1.14 +anything visual at all. It is not difficult to enable all of the visual tests
    1.15 +and support (such as X11 support or OpenGL), but it is not a goal for this
    1.16 +project. For the complexity of having a compatible desktop environment setup on
    1.17 +Cygwin, it's assumed that will not be the case for most users of the generated
    1.18 +Cygwin project. As a result, only the core tests and library are built for
    1.19 +Cygwin, focusing on things like thread support, file operations, and various
    1.20 +system queries and information gathering.
    1.21 +
    1.22 +The Cygwin directory does have automated tests to run through the tests
    1.23 +supported by Cygwin. It also has separate build scripts for both debug and
    1.24 +release builds, though this is assuming the GNU make utility is located in the
    1.25 +user's PATH.
    1.26 +
    1.27 +The Cygwin project has no outstanding dependencies, since it is designed to be
    1.28 +mostly minimalistic and just relied on the POSIX functionality provided by
    1.29 +Cygwin.
    1.30 +
    1.31 +Like the other projects, you may cleanup the entire directory of any generated
    1.32 +or built files using the clean script located in Cygwin/build-scripts.
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